Title Insurance

Title Insurance in Mexico

Title insurance is available and is a smart investment when buying real estate in Mexico – as is working with a reputable developer.  There are two major title companies serving foreign buyers: Stewart Title Latin America and First American Title. Both of these companies offer services to give you piece of mind when investing in Mexico real estate.

Title insurance covers the unexpected such as improper documentation on behalf of the seller or the fact that the seller misrepresented his/her ability as authorized owner of the property.  It also covers liens which may have been assessed on the property prior to your purchase and any hidden persons which may have a claim to the property but not listed on the sale transfer papers.

Purchasing title insurance ensures that you will not have to go through costly and lengthy litigation should something go awry with the property title due to any number of factors.  In most cases the policy will cover both direct losses as well as any attorney fees associated with the issue at hand.

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