Invest in Mexico

Why Invest in Mexico?

It’s estimated that 90 million North Americans (‘baby boomers’), will be retiring over the next ten years. Puerto Vallarta Mexico was named the #1 Place to Retire in the World by AARP (2010). Riviera Nayarit Mexico was named one of the Best Place in the World to Own a Second Home (International Property Journal, 2010). Mexico offers an affordable and enjoyable place to visit, or stay and some great investment opportunities! If you’ve ever been interested in Mexico, now is the time!

Invest now, and you will get in when the prices are relatively low and there are great deals to be had. The U.S. economy has suffered the worst in recorded history. That situation will not last forever and millions more are already looking at retiring to Mexico.

  • Real estate is always a great investment, and choosing a location near the beach will ensure your investment holds its value better than any other!
  • Turn key investments that range from a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo for less than $200,000 offer 16 – 20% ROI after 3 years, to 3.5 million dollar ocean side mansions that rent for $2- 6,000 a night! You can be as much, or as little involved as you like: we have a professional team to handle everything for you.
  • Low cost to hold the asset: property taxes $100 – $200 for the YEAR.
  • There are many English-speaking areas with everything from high-end shopping malls and casinos, to art galleries and symphonies, Walmarts, Home Depots and Costco’s. There are also language lessons, salsa dancing, tacos, quaint street markets and colonial towns with painted squares and live music. Unlimited land and water activities in beautiful communities with stunning ocean and mountain views.Three major factors in deciding where to invest are:
    – Where do people want to be?
    – Who else is investing in the area?
    – Do the numbers make sense?
    Our select investment offerings meet all these criteria.

Selling out last remaining condos in La Joya and Punta Esmerelda for great discounts – just 20 to 25 minutes North of Puerto Vallarta’s international airport! contact us today for more information.

Where Do People Want to Be?

  • In the SUNSHINE (Riviera Nayarit Mexico boasts 330 days of sunshine a year)
  • On or near the beach / ocean views / mountain views (Puerto Vallarta is located in the Bay of Banderas, one of the largest bays in Mexico, and is surrounded by mountains)
  • Near shopping (from high end malls, to street vendors, Mexico is a shoppers paradise!) – Relaxing place (from secluded beaches to hilltop wellness center and spa, our developments offer tranquility that is close to everything)
  • Reasonably priced (seat sales, accommodation packages)
  • Easy to get to (direct flights from most major US and Canadian cities in 2 – 4 hours. Over 30,000 flights come to Puerto Vallarta Mexico each year. Taxi’s, buses, boats readily available)
  • Communications: wireless internet, cable TV, Skype, and much more to keep in touch
  • Safe: Outside of Mexico City and away from the border, violent crime is extremely rare in Mexico. Retirees living here generally find it safer than most major urban areas in Canada. Riviera Nayarit has the lowest crime in the country. Furthermore, there’s a large ex-pat community throughout Mexico that can help newcomers integrate comfortably into the local Mexican community and culture.
  • Activities! Nightlife, restaurants, theater, symphonies, movies, live performances and more! Blessed with superb weather and natural beauty, Mexico is as geographically diverse as anywhere on earth. From endless sandy beaches to tropical forests teeming with wildlife, snow- capped mountains to jungle-covered plateaus, and eye-popping scenic wonders such as the ancient ruins of past civilizations, the vast, world-renowned Copper Canyon, old colonial towns or the stunning multi-hued deserts of Chihuahua. Traveling in Mexico is a life-enriching and rewarding experience with endless land and water activities including world-class golf, scuba diving, sailing, parasailing, and much, much more!

Who else is investing in the area?

  • The Mexican Government: billions in infrastructure projects are underway, and planned that include golf courses, retreats, highways, septic systems, water treatment plants,
  • International investors – Fortune 500 companies: Rolex, Walmart, Costco, and many, many others – Retirees, Canadian and US investors – Private corporations: business is big in Mexico
  • Over 2 billion dollars of private investment was put into the Riviera Nayarit area over the last few years from Europe, US, Canada, and Mexico.

The Numbers Make Sense

Mexico’s low property taxes, cost-of-living and inflation rate makes it affordable to invest in Mexico. While initial real estate purchase costs can be equivalent to those in a smaller city in Canada or the US, the amenities and environment is much better and the property taxes, subsequent maintenance and energy costs are dramatically lower. Personal expenses such as food and clothing, medical and dental are also significantly lower. Housekeeper for the day: $15 – 20. Property taxes for the year: $100 – 200. A therapeutic massage: $20 for an hour. As us for a ROI (Return On Investment) document on the property of your choice.

Hotel Occupation Records for Nuevo Vallarta average over 85% occupancy for 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008. There was a decline in 2009, and numbers came back up in 2010.
– Federal Tourism Bureau

1) Can you rent it year ’round? YES! This is where North Americans come for fall, winter and spring, and Mexican Nationals come for summer vacations.

2) What is your cost to hold the investment? Property taxes are just $100 – $200 for the year, and monthly maintenance fees are between $0.14 – 0.24 cents a square foot, depending on the property. (Can be offset with rentals year ’round)

3) What is the potential for capital appreciation?

  • Are big companies investing here: YES! Walmart, Sams, Costco, Home Depot, & many more Fortune 500’s
  • Is there a low crime rate: YES! According to Government stats, Nayarit has the lowest rate of crime in Mexico
  • Is the government investing in this area: YES! New $40M dollar marina, highway improvements, & more
  • How do prices compare to other resort destination? Comparing weather, amenities, convenience and price this area is top notch!
  • Are the developments quality built, and will stand the test of time in a hot, seaside climate? YES! Grupo Real Del Mar has over 25 years experience building quality homes and developments in Mexico.
  • What is planned for the future?
    Infrastructure improvements – YES!
    Improvements all around the new Marina, including a walkway like the Malecon, complete La Cruz town overhaul including streets, sidewalks, underground utilities, and water.
    New highway expansion rerouting commercial traffic, new overpass streamlining access to the airport, opening up new vein to Guadalajara.
    New waste water treatment facility for Bucerias and La Cruz.
  • Controlled development – YES!
  • Amenities – YES!

As we have seen from the Tourism Board, development is moving North from Puerto Vallarta but people always want to be close to the water, and close to the airport, shopping, etc. so prices will increase in our area like they have in Puerto Vallarta, as we are just outside of Puerto Vallarta.

4) Turn-Key: YES! We have a full rental management program for our owners that can handleeverything. Just let us know which dates you will be using the property, and leave the rest to us! Log in to our software and see which dates your property is booked for, how much money you are making, and more.

5) Strategy: if you will only be using the property for a few weeks a year, and renting the rest of thetime then a combination of short term and long term (1 month +) rentals may be best for you. Many people want to spend 1 – 6 months here, and our developments are perfect for that: peaceful, yet close to everything with a welcoming, community feel.

6) Value: All our developments are well-planned private communities with great amenities. Punta Esmerelda, Alamar, and La Joya are from just $133 – $189 per square foot – amazing value for quality oceanside developments! As us how you can “test drive” our developments for free with a complimentary stay. Click here to view Our Properties.

The best way to see if investing in Mexico is right for you, is to experience it! Grupo Real del Mar hosts an exclusive real estate event that combines a 7 day 6 night stay in Mexico with 2 mornings of educational seminars from top experts who teach you all about the tax advantages, legal process and more of buying property in Mexico. Visit our Royal Club Event page to learn more or watch a video about this fun event. If you are considering investing in Mexico, you may qualify to have your accommodation, meals, drinks, and seminars complimentary of charge! Our guarantee to you: NO TIMESHARE. NO PRESSURE. NO OBLIGATION. We focus on helping you make an informed decision, our select real estate developments you have the option of viewing, speak for themselves.

“My wife and I decided to buy here 14 years ago. We’ve since bought 3 more ocean front properties for rentals and we love our home. Less rain than Vancouver, with the friendliest people you’d ever meet. Great community.”
—– M.O., Real Estate Investor from Canada

For more information about investing in Mexico click here for frequently asked questions, or contact us.