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Royal Club Real Estate is an established Mexico Real Estate company, complete with expertise in Tax, Financing, Legal and Medical. Our entire team is dedicated to listening to you, helping you make an informed decision, and matching you with the best investment opportunity whether you are considering retiring to Mexico, buying a vacation home in Mexico or looking to invest in Mexico real estate. We are also a lot of fun to hang out with! Our team has three things in common: we excel at what we do, we have a passion for helping people, and a fun loving spirit!

When you come to see us, here are some of the people you’ll meet:

The Event Team

Matt Ouellette – “The Canadian Renaissance Man: Family, Music, Business, and Sports”

Matt Ouellette came to Mexico as a vacationer and real estate investor and fell in love with the area. Originally from the west coast of Canada, Matt found a Spanish beauty in British Columbia and the two of them were married in Spain. After years of rainy cold weather in Vancouver, Matt and his wife decided they would like to explore living in a warm tropical climate so in 2000 they bought an ocean front condo in the Puerto Vallarta area.

In 2003 they sold their business and moved to Mexico full time. Understanding the value, Matt and his wife bought three additional properties on the beach. Matt began his career selling real estate with Grupo Real Del Mar developments, and quickly moved on to be a focal member of the Royal Club Real Estate team . His passion for life and properties comes from both his personal experiences with his home in Punta Esmeralda (a Grupo Real del Mar community) and the many friends (new and old) that have been made over the years.

Matt enjoys spending time with his wife and two boisterous boys, watching and playing ice-hockey, soccer, and many other sports such as tennis and golf. His favorite thing to do is to get together with friends on the beach around a bonfire and play guitar. Matt loves to meet people, chat and exchange ideas and culture. Matt is fluent in English and Spanish.


  • Investing / Business in Mexico
  • Relocating from Canada
  • Raising a family in Mexico
  • Canadian Non Resident Status
  • His experience owning with Grupo Real del Mar
  • Getting all the sports channels from back home while in Mexico
  • Guitar / music scene here in the area
  • Anything else you like

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Real Estate in MexicoCam McIntosh – “The Tax Expert”

Cam McIntosh can boast decades of experience as a Chartered Accountant and as an advisor to expatriates. C.A. McIntosh & Associates, an Alberta company, is committed to providing the best possible expatriate support, with extensive knowledge about the oil and gas industry and the various countries in which the industry operates.

In October 2000, and again in 2004 Cam McIntosh was awarded the “Advisor of the Year” by “Advisor’s Edge,” a national industry publication owned by Rogers Media Inc. (see our Case Advisor of the Year – Case Study). In 2000, Cam was distinguished for 25 Years of Service as a Chartered Accountant.


  • Investing / Business in Mexico
  • Relocating from Canada
  • Canadian Non Resident Status
  • His experience owning with Property in Mexico
  • Financial Planning for Retirement

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Michel Striekwold – “The Dutch photographer”

Michel moved from Holland  to Puerto Vallarta in 2006 to enjoy the Mexican weather, people and nature,  and to work as a web designer.

Michel  started making 360° panorama’s and stills for real estate and rentals, and developed himself as a photographer. He has seen and photographed  the most beautiful houses in and around Puerto Vallarta. ‘No trabajo sin luz’ (I don’t work without light) is his credo. Luckily there are not many cloudy days in Mexico…

Michel met his lovely wife Citlali in Vallarta, their wonderful little daughter was born in 2008.

Michel loves spending as much time with his family as possible, go out jogging and swimming in the ocean and work hard.


Photography and webdesign

  • Setting up your own business in Mexico
  • Best rentals in the area
  • Advantages of living in Mexico
  • How much fun having a family can be

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