About Us

Royal Club Real Estate Services

  1. Full ownership of condos, town homes and villas
  2. Educational information about buying real estate in Mexico for retirement, investment, or vacation home
  3. Vacation rentals through our rental department
  4. Concierge services
  5. Investments in Mexico package
  6. Retirement in Mexico package
  7. Vacation Home in Mexico package

We are here for you!

We not only assist with your buying process from start to finish, we also provide extensive ‘after purchase’ help to our owners:

Banking: setting up a Mexican bank account, and which banks allow you to pay your bills online.

Assistance with services: English speaking professionals from Lawyers and Notaries to spas and tours.

Rental and property management: we have full service turnkey programs in place for our owners (optional). Contact us for details.

Moving services: take the hassle out of moving with professional assistance. Learn what not to do, and what to do with our helpful tips.

Health insurance: coverage for pre-existing conditions at reasonable rates. Contact us for details.

Interior decorating / furnishings: from complete packages to custom d├ęcor, contact us for details.

Immigration / Visas: if you wish (not required to purchase) we can provide assistance getting temporary citizenship to allow you to come and go as you please in Mexico (required if spending more than 180 days in Mexico at a time, has some tax advantages)

Additional Information: from bringing your car into the country, to where the best Cuban bands play or where to find health products, we are here for you!

The Royal Club Real Estate team is like one big family. As the premier real estate marketing company in the area, one of the many reasons why we are so successful is that we know how to treat people right. Our entire team is dedicated to listening to you, helping you make an informed decision, and matching you with the best investment opportunity whether you are considering retiring to Mexico, buying a vacation home in Mexico or looking to invest in Mexico real estate. We are also a lot of fun to hang out with! Our team has three things in common: we excel at what we do, we have a passion for helping people, and a fun loving spirit!