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FAQ about Mexico Real Estate

As a foreigner can I own property in Mexico Real Estate?

Yes, you can. There are two ways for foreigners to have property titles in Mexico, and these are: through trusteeship (fideicomiso) or through a Mexican corporation. Owning through a trust may sound different, but with it you can enjoy the same rights and freedoms as ownership in the US or Canada – you can buy and sell whenever you wish. There are over 90,000 foreigners in this area alone who use a trust. Trusts are held through banks, but the bank does not hold your property as an asset. It cannot sell your house on you, and you have the choice of where your trust is held. HSBC and Scotia Bank have branches here, and Bancomer is one of the largest banks in Latin America. For more information please contact us, and one of our experienced staff will be happy to help you.

Real estate prices in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and other US areas are much less than a few years ago, why should I choose Mexico?

When making a smart decision, whether for retirement or vacation home you need to consider the cost to hold the investment, and expected gains. Who knows how long you’ll have to hold a US property before you can make money with it? The cost of living in Mexico is much less than other retirement areas in North America, and real estate has historically outpaced other markets in terms of appreciation.  Property taxes are maybe $100 – $200 a year, and you can use your property here to generate Foreign Investment Tax Credits with your vacation home expenses and reduce your taxes. Additionally, this area has all the amenities of North America (movies, malls, Walmart & Sam’s Club, Home Depot, Costco, etc.) with much better weather. It is possible to rent your property out year round. Oceanfront and ocean view communities hold their value much better, as they are always in high demand. Many infrastructure improvements have been made recently including highway and road upgrades and a brand new marina. Many more infrastructure improvements are planned, along with carefully controlled development that means signs point to capital appreciation for real estate in this area.

Why should I choose Puerto Vallarta / Riviera Nayarit area?

Puerto Vallarta has been voted the friendliest city in the world.  Historically, real estate has provided an above average return when compared to other destinations.  Simply put it is a good investment!  With over 3 million people a year visiting the area and an estimated 90,000 ex-pats in the Puerto Vallarta area you will see for yourself why this area in the destination of choice.  Nestled between the sparkling Pacific coastline and lush, rugged Sierra Madre Mountains, Puerto Vallarta is also protected Bay of Banderas.  Water activities and land activities are plentiful and both golfing and sport fishing are world class.  There are an average of 330 days of sunshine, more than 40 beaches with many long stretches of white sandy beaches. Simply put, the area has more to offer at a more reasonable price point.

If we buy Mexico Real Estate would you handle renting my unit for me in my absence?

Royal Club Real Estate works exclusively with the Bays top rental / property management company Destino Rentals. Contact us today for details of our turn key rental program.